In memory of a freedom fighter


I am not a programmer, and I don’t know much about the inception and evolution of the open access movement. But I spend a great part of my day on the internet.

The internet gave me a job, reshaped my social life and my ethics.

Today I discovered that exactly one year ago an internet activist, Aaron Swartz, committed suicide after being charged with illegally accessing a computer network at the MIT. He was just 2 years younger than me.

It makes me proud to know that in my new life, which I gained at the price of my homecountry, I have the power to act, the freedom to speak and the means to learn from people like Aaron Swartz.

Journalists aren’t so different from internet activists after all. We all fight for justice, we take up the same battle.

Aaron Swartz won’t be forgotten by the hacker community, but we should remember him as well.

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