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Q&A: ILRI’s Jimmy Smith on novel livestock science – Research into livestock cloning, gene banks and vaccines could result in more robust animals, ILRI’s director-general tells SciDev.Net.

MULTIMEDIA – World’s first livestock gene bank – All over the world, scientists are trying to preserve the genetic heritage of crops and wild plants by collecting organic samples and seeds in so-called gene banks. As well as protecting biodiversity, gene banks provide important information on plants’ adaptability to difficult environmental conditions.

Kenyan team leads plans for livestock genebank – In Africa about a billion people depend on livestock for their livelihoods, and animal-sourced food makes an important contribution to nutrition, yet livestock biodiversity is being eroded as fast as crop biodiversity, he says.

New tech needs local buy-in to deliver health benefits – Muntaqa Umar-Sadiq, senior technical advisor to Nigeria’s health minister, presented the medium-term results of Nigeria’s Saving One Million Lives initiative at the Pan African Conference 2013, held by the Oxford University Africa Society last weekend (4 May).

Nanowire device may help tackle malaria drug resistance – Malaria treatment could be revolutionised by a smartphone-sized nanotech diagnostic device that can tell from a drop of blood whether or not a particular treatment is likely to be effective, say its developers.

Sustainable intensification ‘can work for African farmers’ – A combination of traditional knowledge and modern science will be key to achieving higher productivity at lower ecological cost — known as ‘sustainable intensification’ — the report says.

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