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Want to move? Happy to help

Memories from the best year of my life - really


After my interview published in IoTornoSe, I keep receiving messages from people who are currently in the same situation I was in two years ago.

Sadly, I don’t have the time or capacity to reply to all of them but I do remember how much help I received from people I barely knew at the time. Without them, my life wouldn’t be as happy as it is now. I would probably still be in Italy, with an underqualified and underpaid job.

I really understand the importance of receiving the right information and support while planning a life abroad or just considering the idea of working with partners in another country.

I think the economic crisis in Italy is striking the media particularly bad, because it affects not only salaries but also the profession’s values. And that’s of course frustrating for those who choose journalism in the hope of (*saving the world*) giving something back to the community.

At a point in your career you may ask yourself why you are struggling so much, for so little money, when your job has lost all of its public interest.

I won’t say that everything is perfect here, or that moving from Italy is always a winning gamble; but in my opinion it is certainly an option.

For those who are considering to pursue a career in journalism and media in the UK, I am thinking of setting up a blog with as much information as I will be able to scrape for you. I can try and put you in touch to people able to give the right advice, or just compile a FAQ list.

For the time being I am looking feedback in order to detail the project and make sure it will be of some help. If you are curious, interested or willing to take part, drop me a line and let me know what you’d expect from the new platform.